What does "The scale is always heavily weighted" mean?

Even at the present day the air is charged with prejudice. If any man of standing at the present instant were to enter a London newspaper office and say that he had detected a medium in fraud, the matter would be seized upon eagerly and broadcast over the country; while if the same man proclaimed that he had beyond all question satisfied himself that the phenomena were true, it is doubtful if he would get a paragraph. The scale is always heavily weighted.

The History of Spiritualism By A.C Doyle

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    If you have an old-style weighing (balance) scale such as this picture it should be level when empty. If it is not, it has been weighted so that, for example, a merchant can sell you short measure. In regard to the quotation, it means that people's opinion is biassed. Jun 19, 2020 at 12:02

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It means that the news media (newspapers, at that time) are more in favour of (maybe even prejudicial towards) refuting the existence of the phenomena rather than confirming their existence.

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