I have stumbled on it in the 23rd episode of the 7th season of Friends. Here is the context:

Monica: I’m making a list of all the things that are most likely to go wrong at the wedding. Now, that way I can be prepared.

Phoebe: What are they?

Monica: Well, so far I have uh, my bride’s maids dresses won’t get picked up, my veil gets lost, or I don’t have my something blue.

Rachel: Hey! Those are all the things I’m responsible for!

Monica: I had to go with the odds Rach.

  • I suppose it's the opposite of "go against the odds." – Apollyon Jun 20 '20 at 10:28

The odds = the probability, likelihood or chance of something happening. So, from her previous experience, Rachel tends to mess up and Monica is "going with odds" or assuming this.

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