Please explain the difference between "He will become a good lawyer" and "He will make a good lawyer."

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    He will become a good lawyer = He can be expected to develop into a good lawyer in the future (perhaps when he has had more experience). He will make a good lawyer = (said of someone who plans to become one) He is the kind of person who will probably be a good lawyer. Commented Jun 22, 2020 at 8:18

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Both work in the case of a talented law student, but consider:

If someone is studying law and show early signs of talent, you can say they will become a good lawyer.

If a motorist is arguing with the police about some traffic infringement and is correct in proving no rules were broken, you can say he/she will make a good lawyer because they have a talent for legal matters. You compare and imagine that person would be good at that job, yet there is no real possibility.

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