Michael Swan in his book http://ielts-house.net/Ebook/Vocabulary/Practical%20English%20usage.pdf (page 2) writes

enter image description here

So, my question is what would all the sentences look like if we added all the things that are missing there?

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    A response to the identical question on English Language & Usage suggests that you try to fill in the missing words yourself, using the first one as an example. (Hint: Most of the missing words are articles or parts of the verb to be.) – Kate Bunting Jun 24 at 13:07
  • @KateBunting2) "A single man is looking for a flat in the Oxford area" - is clear for me. 3)A job is needed urgntly.I will do anything legal.4)Pour the mixture into a large suacepan, heat it until it's boiling, then add three pounds of sugar and leave it on the heat for 45 minutes 5) Don't understand this part. Did I write the sentences correctly and how to write the last one? – Michael Azarenko Jun 24 at 16:44
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    There, you see you can do it! The last one: [This item] can be assembled in ten minutes. It ia easy to clean and has simple controls. Batteries are not included [in the package]. (That is, you have to buy them separately.) – Kate Bunting Jun 25 at 7:55

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