How to mention climate of a place? Could you check out following examples I wrote if they sound normal and are grammatically correct?

The city ( where I live) has a Mediterranean climate.

We have a tropical climate here.

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    They are both missing indefinite articles (a): The city has a Mediterranean climate; We have a tropical climate. – Bruce Murray Jun 24 at 21:13
  • @BruceMurray thanks Are there any other sentences you would use when you are talking about climates – Mrt Jun 24 at 21:15
  • Yes, but it depends on what you want to say. Your sentences are fine if you want to stick to simple facts. I can't guess what other information you want to divulge. – Bruce Murray Jun 24 at 21:22

If you are talking about other words that frequently modify "climate," there are several: "temperate," "polar," "arctic," "arid," "rainy," and "variable." I am sure I have neglected to list quite a few others.

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  • how would you talk about your hometown regarding this topic? – Mrt Jun 24 at 21:35
  • I would say that it has a temperate climate. – Jeff Morrow Jun 24 at 21:44

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