When ordered to move

Into the stone sky.

resource: https://moapyr.fandom.com/wiki/Perun_Flagship/Quotes

What's "the stone sky"?

Does it have anything to do with "firmament"?


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It is a metaphor. Some metaphors are idioms, but this one is not, it has been written by the author. It means that the sky is like a stone, in some way, perhaps it is grey or mottled, like stone.

Note that this is a canned phrase for a Russian unit in game, and some of the language seems to make it seem more "Russian", so may not be good examples of natural dialogue.

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I am going to have to caveat this with the fact that I know nothing about the game in question, but the unit looks to be a helicopter called Perun.

Perun is the name of a Slavic god of thunder and lightning.

So, when you order the helicopter to move, it flies to its destination, i.e. takes to the sky. And a stormy sky is grey, the color of many types of stone.

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