Is it possible to use already without have/had in front?

For example,

I already eat/ate



Yes, it's fine to use "already" without using "have" or "had."

With past tense, it refers to a specific instance:

Person A: Want to get pizza for dinner?

Person B: No thanks, I already ate.

With present tense, it refers to a general habit:

Person A: You need to improve your diet.

Person B: No, I don't! I already eat lots of fruit and vegetables.

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  • Isn't the question about past tense vs present/past perfect, not past tense vs present? – Son Nguyen Jun 26 at 10:42
  • @SonNguyen The question is "Is it possible to use "I already eat/ate" and the answer is yes. – Katy Jun 27 at 3:00

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