This sentence from the oxford learners dictionary:

At the definition of a "hedge fund" example. I couldn't understand what is the meaning of "sees" in this sentence.

hedge fund: ​ an investment fund involving a group of people who take high risks with their investments in order to try and make a lot of money

This month sees the launch of a hedge fund aimed at private investors.

I think it has the same meaning as in the following sentence but I couldn't be sure:

This summer has seen unusually high temperatures.

Could you please explain this to me.


Your dictionary, Oxford Learner Dictionary definition of "see",
Oxford Dictionary "see" 16
see something: to be the time when an event happens

Next year sees the centenary of Saint-Saëns' death.
The twentieth century saw dramatic changes in most areas of life.

So, yes, your are right about the meaning.
It has the sense of "this is/was the time when we see/saw", but the "seeing" is transferred from the experiencers to the time of the event.

  • I also see see used this way for not just time but also space. Germany sees a spike in coronavirus is a recent headline from the New York Times.
    – Son Nguyen
    Jun 27 '20 at 7:20
  • @SonNguyen Yes, that's shown as definition 17 in Oxford Dictionary, just after the 16 that I cited. "see" 17 to be the place where an event happens Jun 27 '20 at 7:35
  • @SonNguyen How do you put that highlighting in your comment? Jun 27 '20 at 7:37
  • Jack O'Flaherty: I see, hope it's a fact worth mentioning though. Use the backticks ``, I prefer it to quotes as I don't have to press Shift.
    – Son Nguyen
    Jun 27 '20 at 9:36
  • @SonNguyen Thank you! Jun 27 '20 at 14:29

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