What should be used in the following sentence

Either much or a lot of and why?

He has got many friends because he had got ________ money.

  • What has your research shown? Then we can give you feedback on what (if anything) is incorrect. – Davo Jul 1 at 13:39

"A lot of" is most idiomatic in your example, because in informal speech we don't tend to use "much" in the affirmative.

He had got a lot of money

We tend only to use "much" in the affirmative in formal speech, for example:

There is much concern about drug addiction in the US.

Oddly, if your example were negative then either would be idiomatic in informal speech:

  • He hadn't got much money.
  • He hadn't got a lot of money
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    Indeed. Much (in this sense) is a negative polarity item, so it tends to be found in negative sentences and questions. In its other sense as an intensifier of adjectives and adverbs it doesn't have this restriction: I found a much nicer house. – Colin Fine Jun 29 at 11:54

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