What is the difference between sentences

"How are you getting home after party tomorrow?"


"How will you get home after party tomorrow?".

Can we use here future simple? or not? Why? In the book the first sentence is correct . but i can't understand why. Please, help

  • Incidentally: "after the party tomorrow". "Party" is singular and count, so it can't take the zero article, and even if it could, the context assures of a definite party being discussed
    – No Name
    Jan 2 at 0:54

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The usual rule for future deals with how certain or planned out the event is. In a question, the choice of future tense makes an assumption about how much thinking and planning should go into the action.

Least planned/certain: How will you get home tomorrow? (future will)

A little more planned/certain: How are you going to get home tomorrow? (future going to)

More planning/certainty: How are you getting home tomorrow? (present progressive)

Most planned/certain: How do you get home tomorrow? (simple present; this is very unlikely in a question so far in advace)

If there is a small range of options, or the asker has a good guess already, use a more certain form. If the asker makes no assumptions or there are many possible answers, use a less certain form.

None are truly wrong, though.

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    Thank you very much!
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