"I said you chose books and i chose looks," Mrs Wormwood said. "And who's finished up the better off?

Me, of course. I'm sitting pretty in a nice house with a successful businessman and you're left slaving

away teaching a lot of nasty little children the ABC."

these sentences come from the novel Matilda.

and my question is , in this sentence "And who's finished up the better off?"

who's = 'who is' or 'who has' ??


Who has. Mrs. W. claims that she has 'finished up' in a better situation than the person she is talking to.

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  • but i found that 'better off' is adjective, is it possible that 'finish up' has 'better off ' as object?? – ju so Jul 3 at 11:22
  • 'better off person' is implied. – Kate Bunting Jul 3 at 12:09

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