From a qPCR instruction:

Wash the plate once with 300 μL of IX PBST using a plate washer and tap dry.

What is the meaning of tap dry? This is an ELISA plate (biotechnology). The phrase comes up several times in my document.

Does it mean "to give slight blows to the plate to shed all liquid from it"?


Yes, that's how you dry ELISA plates.

Problem: Too much signal in ELISA

Possible Cause: Insufficient washing

Use appropriate washing procedure [...] At the end of each washing step, invert plate on absorbent tissue and allow to completely drain, tapping forcefully if necessary to remove any residual fluid.

ELISA Troubleshooting Guide (ThermoFisher)

You can (e.g.) pat, tap, rub, wipe, blow, shake (etc) something dry, that is, perform the action so that the item becomes dry.

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