I wanna learn like all about it. Its intonation, the context, the volume of voice, the pitch, etc.

Because I don' think any online dictionary can probably help you with that. So do you guys have any good sources/resources recommendations for me or something like that? Because I'm really eager to learn much more about it you know.

  • For written uses, you could search at Google books for the phrase in quotes. – Jack O'Flaherty Jul 9 at 15:48
  • I'm actually more interested in its spoken uses, but thank you tho! – Houssam Bouazizi Jul 9 at 22:21
  1. Playphrase.me is a website that will play clips of movies based on a specific phrase! I am not associated with it, just seems really cool.
  2. Other than that I might suggest asking american internet-friends to send you audio recordings of them saying 'I guess.' Maybe you can find a facebook group or subreddit that reads requests.

(Ps I have said 'I guess' to myself so many times now haha.)

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  • Thank you, i really appreciated! I guess the second suggestion will be more useful tho. I think in the end the best way to grasp it far better is to really have an actual conversation with Am.E native speakers. – Houssam Bouazizi Jul 9 at 22:35

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