I have come across it in the fifth episode of the tenth season of Friends. Here is the context: Friends

Monica: Hey Rach, the adoption agency needs letters of recommendation and we were wondering if you would write one for us.

Rachel: Of course, I'd be honored!

Chandler: Thanks!

Monica: Thank you!

(Joey looks at them, disappointed about their decision)

Joey: U-U-Um, I think there's been an oversight.

Chandler: Joey, we would've asked you, we just thought you wouldn't be interested.

Monica: Yeah, it's just we don't think of you as really being so much "with the words".

Does Monica think Joey isn't good with word or that he doesn't speak much?

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It means that they think he is not good with words, i.e. he is not articulate or good at using language in a skillful way.

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