I have come across it in the fifth episode of the tenth season of Friends. Here is the context: Friends

Monica: Hey Rach, the adoption agency needs letters of recommendation and we were wondering if you would write one for us.

Rachel: Of course, I'd be honored!

Chandler: Thanks!

Monica: Thank you!

(Joey looks at them, disappointed about their decision)

Joey: U-U-Um, I think there's been an oversight.

Chandler: Joey, we would've asked you, we just thought you wouldn't be interested.

Monica: Yeah, it's just we don't think of you as really being so much "with the words".

Does Monica think Joey isn't good with word or that he doesn't speak much?


It means that they think he is not good with words, i.e. he is not articulate or good at using language in a skillful way.

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