Is it grammatically correct to have a pronoun refer to a subject in the next clause? See the below example.

Because their guardians are with them, teenagers will not be able to approach drug dealers to buy illegal substances.

What is this called?

  • I am sure that in your language, it's the same thing. Please post examples to illustrate rather than just dry grammar points. – Lambie Jul 11 '20 at 16:01

It is grammatically correct. When the pronoun follows its antecedent, it is called anaphoric. When the pronoun precedes its antecedent, it is called cataphoric.
See this link
grammar.com "antecedents"

"... a cataphoric (forward-looking) pronoun would find its referent coming later in the sentence: After his discovery of New Zealand, Captain Cook went on to discover several Pacific islands. (This example appears in New Fowler, p. 134.)

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