I would like to appreciate all reviewers of our paper. We submitted our paper two times and I would point to reviewers of both submissions and revise. If I say from the first submission does it have the mentioned meaning?

I appreciate all reviewers of our paper from the first submission for their time.

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No, that would not be correctly understood by most people, since it over-emphasises 'first'.

I think I would have written it as "I appreciate the time of all those who have reviewed our paper since its first submission."

  • I would leave out the apostrophe in "its".
    – Colin Fine
    Jul 16, 2020 at 16:38
  • I don't mean only reviewers of first submission. I mean reviewers of both submissions.
    – any
    Jul 16, 2020 at 19:24
  • I have added "all" and "since" to correct the meaning. And changed my first paragraph entirely!
    – MikeB
    Jul 17, 2020 at 8:36
  • Thank you. How can I write the sentence if I want that the sentence starts with "I appreciate all anonymous reviewers of our paper"?
    – any
    Jul 17, 2020 at 15:48
  • If I say any submissions,what is the appropriate preposition? I appreciate all anonymous reviewers of our paper ? any submissions for their ...
    – any
    Jul 17, 2020 at 18:05

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