Note: This post is focused on the pattern event will happen vs. event is going to happen, rather than someone will do something vs. someone is going to do something

This one is adapted from mlb.com

Major League Baseball 2020 season will begin on July 23.

Is it still natural if I say it this way?

Major League Baseball 2020 season is going to begin on July 23.

Ngram Viewer shows the former is more common than the latter. Is it because "will" is more formal than "is going to"?

Is it clear and natural to call MLB season an event?

enter image description here

  • Will is more concise. The meaning is identical. In some contexts, is going to may suit the sentence better but neither is more natural than the other. I should hesitate to call a season an event. – Ronald Sole Jul 18 '20 at 15:32

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