Here is the sentence I have read:

After we discipline ourselves to adopt the attitude of a champion, commit to focus and analysis and leverage our creativity, we must take action.

commit is a verb, and focus, analysis, and leverage are the nouns that are committed to. But why does “our creativity” follow with “leverage”? How can I understand it?

  • "leverage" is being used as a verb, meaning "exercise leverage (of)". – Peter Jul 19 '20 at 3:05

Leverage is used as a verb also. This is a definition of leverage as a verb from Longman.

2 to spread or use resources (=money, skills, buildings etc that an organization has available), ideas etc again in several different ways or in different parts of a company, system etc

So 'leverage our creativity' means to use creativity.

You may interpret the sentence by splitting in the following way:

(After we discipline ourselves

//to adopt the attitude of a champion,

//commit to focus and analysis

//and leverage our creativity,)

//we must take action.

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