1). China is close to be the centre of world trade.

2). China is close to being the centre of world trade.



1). I am on my way to be 25.

2). I am on my way to being 25

which is the correct form first or Second??? What is the difference in meaning between these two sentences??


The World Trade Center is, famously, the complex of buildings destroyed in the 9/11 attacks and now rebuilt. However, you could say China is close to becoming the centre/center of world trade.

We would not use the infinitive in sentences like this.

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  • thankyou :) So you mean even in the set2 both forms are wrong?? – Ramteja Guthikonda Jul 21 at 8:52
  • (1) (with infinitive) is wrong, although we can say something like I am on my way to be presented with an award (travelling to a place where something will be done to you). (2) is possible, but not very idiomatic. I am approaching my 25th birthday. I will soon be turning 25 or simply I will soon be 25. – Kate Bunting Jul 21 at 9:07

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