"We can show up to and mine our emotions for their values without needing to listen to them. Just like I can show up to my son in his frustration with his baby sister."

I read above sentences in a ted talk. Here is the link video source at 12:48. I have searched for the meaning of phrasal verb "show up" in dictionaries,but it seems that there is no definition below suitable in the mentioned context.

Could anyone help me explain the meaning of "show up to" in these sentences?. Many thanks. enter image description here

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    Great question! Could we have some more context? Things like, what the general thread of the talk was, what the talk was called (and where we could find it), etc. etc. – Fivesideddice Jul 25 at 7:14
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    My feeling is that this must be a transcription error, because it doesn't make sense as written. – TypeIA Jul 25 at 7:36
  • @TypeIA maybe:) It is hard to understand what the speakers want to convey – Tran Hoang Son Jul 25 at 9:03
  • @Fivesideddice there it is youtu.be/NDQ1Mi5I4rg at 12:33. Thanks for your compliments – Tran Hoang Son Jul 25 at 9:13
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    Anyway yeah, it's nothing I've ever heard before. It might be a direct translation of something in her native language, because I can't think of a simple English phrase that means exactly what she's trying to say. – the-baby-is-you Jul 25 at 9:37

I will be careful here...the speaker is using terrible english. This does not mean her point is wrong. But this is the worst of slang. Its meaningless. You can only understand it in context.

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