What is the difference among "spend something doing something", "spend something on doing something" and "spend something in doing something"? Can I use "spend something to do something"? For example, are the following sentences correct, and are there any differences in meaning?

  1. I spend my free time reading books.
  2. I spend my free time on reading books.
  3. I spend my free time in reading books.
  4. I spend my free time to read books.
  • (1) and (3) are correct. (4) is not idiomatic English. As for (2), we speak of spending money on something, but not usually time. I can't give you a reason why - it's just how the language works. – Kate Bunting Jul 28 at 8:01
  • To spend time or money on [something]//to spend time [verb with ing] + object. – Lambie Jul 28 at 13:59

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