In The Kissing Booth 2 (2020), Rachel ready to go to school with Elle:

Elle: What's up, foxy lady?

Rachel: Yeah, right. As if.

What's the meaning of independent "as if"?

My question is different from this one here discuss about "as if" in middle of the phrase.


as if
—used to say that something is not true, not possible, will not happen, etc.
// "I am sure I am very affectionate," said Dora; "you oughtn't to be cruel to me, Doady!" "Cruel, my precious love! As if I would—or could—be cruel to you, for the world!"
— Charles Dickens

—sometimes used informally as an interjection to say that something suggested or claimed is impossible, incorrect, or ridiculously unlikely to be true

// A simple collection of songs? As if. How about a conceptual ode to London's millennia-old history? — Craig McLean

// Big budgets? High-priced actresses? As if! The film cost a modest $13 million, a figure achieved by not casting stars, but rather stars-in-the-making …
— Nicholas Fonseca

Rachel says "as if" to reject the compliment.

As a aid, you could conceivably think of this as as if that were true/as if I were foxy/as if I were a foxy lady. But it is unnecessary. She's simply expressing that she does not believe she is foxy.

→ Yeah, right. As if that were true.
→ Yeah, right. I am not a foxy lady.

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