In The Kissing Booth 2 (2020), Elle is not impressed with her dance partner, Marco:

Elle: Oh, my God! The big deal is that the competition is literally in four weeks -and the routine is a complete nightmare!

Marco: I think you're exaggerating.

Elle: No, listen, if you don't want to take this seriously, we should just call it off.

Marco: Okay, time out. So I'm using every free hour I have, practicing into the night for this competition that you asked me to help you with, just so I could screw things up for you?

What does "screw things up for you" mean?

I heard "screw sb up", but what does this word mean?

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Make things go all wrong. He is sarcastically asking whether she thinks that, as he has spent so much time practising, he really doesn't want them to succeed.

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