In Fight Club (1999), two technicians lead Narrator to the burnt out shell of a Wrecked automobile. Narrator sets down his briefcase, opens it and starts to make notes on a clipboarded form.

Narrator: I was a recall coordinator. My job was to apply the formula.

Technician #1: The infant went through the windshield. Three points.

Narrator: A new car built by my company leaves somewhere traveling at 60mph.

What does "Three points" mean?

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It's presumably a part of the aforementioned formula - for example, the formula might go something like:

(passenger safety) + (damage to car) + (damage to cargo) + ...

and the scoring sheet says:

Passenger goes through the windshield - 3 points


Passenger stays in their seat - 10 points

So the technician makes a note of what happened, and assigns a point value which is then used to calculate an overall score, based on which the car will either be recalled or not.

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