Exist a pattern that I already do not know to decipher each phrase with the formula word + out?

Work Out = Excercise

Deck Out = Decorate

Force out = Compel to leave

How does adding out is related to the definition?

How do native people have the skill to know the nuanced meanings of the myriad of phrases with the formula word + out, and how I can have that skill? Or they memorize them all?

  • Deck out means decorate, not decorated. Force out means to compel someone to leave a job or place. This is just vocabulary that you have to learn in the same way that you learn new words in a foreign language. – Kate Bunting Jul 30 at 18:34
  • Yes, mostly you just need to treat "Work out" and Deck out" as though they were single words that you have to learn. There is a pattern, but it is very limited: "verb out" sometimes has a sense of completion; but not always, and there is often a special meaning that you couldn't guess. So in your examples, work out = "calculate, find the answer" has a sense of completion, but "work" on its own doesn't mean calculate; while your work out = "exercise" is completely unpredictable. Deck out again has a sense of completion, but "deck" is rare. "Force out" doesn't mean "compel". – Colin Fine Jul 30 at 18:37
  • @ColinFine for example bring out is a word of completion right? Hence means bring something completely right? – Pablo Ramos Escalona Aug 2 at 18:18
  • @PabloRamosEscalona: No. In all the senses of bring out that I can think of, out has a more or less literal meaning. In bring out = "release (a product), publish", the "out" means "out into the world"; in bring out = "accentuate (a flavour, a quality of something, a theme in prose)" the "out" means "out of the creation". – Colin Fine Aug 2 at 20:14
  • @ColinFine "and there is often a special meaning that you couldn't guess" why not? I'm "doomed" to not being native? So what is the takeaway? Do I need to memorize them as single words? You as a native speaker do not decipher this phenomenon, really? Or you memorize the myriad of combinations word + out? – Pablo Ramos Escalona Aug 25 at 2:33

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