I'm learning a Merriam-Webster tutorial.

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When talking about writing, I guess there are some terms to refer to main parts of a post.

Here are some words I can imagine.

  1. is the title of the post
  2. is the subtitle of the post
  3. is the summary/brief of the post
  4. is the opening of the post
  5. is the title of the first section

Am I using them correctly?


I'd be happy with those terms. Perhaps I'd use "Heading of the first section" rather than repeat "title". And "Abstract" is an alternative to "summary". The summary of an article in a journal is usually called an abstract.

I wouldn't call the whole thing a "post". It's a bit longer than a "blog post". Most posts wouldn't have much structure like sections. I'd call it an article, although the distinction is blurred.

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