How can I replace the word 'later' (as in 'two days later')? Can I say 'two days on'? Doesn't sound right, but I heard 'on' being used in the meaning "further in time".

  • We usually use expressions like two days later in narratives about the past. You could replace it with after two days or in two days' time. – Kate Bunting Jul 31 '20 at 7:08
  • @KateBunting 'Two days on' is wrong, isn't it? – Sergey Zolotarev Jul 31 '20 at 8:19
  • It's not wrong, but it would not be the usual way of expressing the idea. – Kate Bunting Jul 31 '20 at 12:11

Not "two days on". You could have "two days later on".

There is no real reason not to use later. I suppose you could say "two days after that" (where "that" refers to some event previously mentioned)

The first earthquake was on Monday and one day later smoke was seen rising from the volcano's crater. Two days after that, a powerful eruption blew out the side of the mountain.

  • 'In two days' time' is also fine, no qualifications, is it right? Or is it only applicable when talking about future, not future-in-the-past events? – Sergey Zolotarev Jul 31 '20 at 12:25

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