From a tutorial

The class, which is a new block of code that I'm going to ask you to write if you choose to follow these tutorials, is this idea of encapsulate. everything that goes in between the open curly bracket and the closed curly bracket is everything that it means to be a bubble.

According to Ngram Viewer, similar use would be

1001 Things It Means to Be a Dad

I guess it means that the characteristics one must have to claim they are some specific type of group of people or something.

Is my understanding correct?


I think that's right. It's the answer to the question "What does it mean to be a dad?", and the implication is that if one lacks one of the 1001 things, then one isn't quite a "dad".

In the case of the "bubble", the chosen name of a new Javascript class, the word "everything" can be used because that's a much simpler thing - just the data and the functions or methods associated with that class. Every instantiation of that class will have the same kind of data and the same methods.

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