I wonder which construction / combination is the most natural and colloquial (please mention your area when answering the question) and which is outright unnatural and wrong?

There is a store /shop at / on the corner of the street; there is a photo in the corner of the store / shop; you can distinguish me at the desk at the lesson in the classroom / in class / during a lesson in the classroom.

  • Any prior research or explaination of why this is difficult for you in particular? – James K Aug 1 '20 at 11:30
  • @JamesK yeah, I've done some, but regarding some of the parts of the construction there are some discrepant accounts. Some people on forums say that you can use any of them in certain contexts, so I'd like to see which constructions seem best in the given context. – Rusletov Aug 1 '20 at 11:51
  • 1
    Shop = UK usage. Store = US usage. At the lesson seems unnatural to me (UK). – Kate Bunting Aug 1 '20 at 12:51
  • 1
    The use of distinguish, while legitimate, is also unusual. I would expect a native English speaker to say see/recognise me. One wonders who has compiled the test? – Ronald Sole Aug 1 '20 at 13:00
  • @RonaldSole Russians. – Rusletov Aug 1 '20 at 14:45

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