Trump can't postpone the election, but officials worry he and the GOP could starve it

Source: https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-cant-postpone-election-officials-150757454.html

I am not able to understand the reason why the officials should worry. What substantive does "it" replace? Is it an election?

PS: I have not read the full article below this title.

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    It refers to the election. Officials worry that Trump and the Republicans could drain the election of its validity. They could cause people to doubt the process or result. – Ronald Sole Aug 1 at 15:18
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    Headlines are not designed to inform, but to attract interest in an article—the non-electronic version of clickbait. Because headlinese is extremely elliptical and has other peculiar conventions, sometimes it's necessary even for native speakers to read the article in order to figure out what a headline means, as in crash blossoms. – choster Aug 1 at 22:03

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