What is the difference these two statements:

  1. It is unavailable in X or Y.

  2. It is unavailable in X and Y.

Is 2) the same as saying:

  1. It is neither available in X nor Y.

Lastly, are all three statements grammatically correct?


It depends on context. E.G.,

The needed range is unavailable in a ballista and wooden bolt. 

Here, both items are needed to propel the bolt.

Free shipping is unavailable in Alaska and Hawaii.
Free shipping is unavailable in Alaska or Hawaii.

In both those sentences, the free shipping is cannot be obtained in either place. One might prefer the first, using "and", because the statement is true of both, but the second implies "Free shipping is unavailable [if sent] in Alaska or Hawaii." One is unlikely to be sending from both at once, so "or" might be considered acceptable.

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