A stole B's 1 dollar so that for a revenge, B broke A's car of 1000 dollars. Hence A say angrily

"Absolutely, this is not a necessary condition for my stealing that you broke my car !"

I wanna rewrite this sentence without losing meaning and furthermore, it will be great that the resulting sentence contains something like don't have to do, correspondence, or react.

The followings are my trials :

Your correspondence is really deviating common sense even though I made a mistake.

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    "Correspondence" doesn't make sense in this situation. The way you've used it, it looks like it means "a postal letter or email." – Canadian Yankee Aug 2 '20 at 17:21

In addition to "overreacting", suggested above, you can also use "out of proportion" or "not proportionate". A synonym for the last one is "disproportionate".

"Shooting someone is not a proportionate response to littering!"

"Breaking my car is completely out of proportion to the ding I gave yours!"

"Your response is disproportionate to my offense!"



While this defines it as a specific meaning of "proportional" (and it is being used that way), English idiom uses "proportionate" instead of "proportional" in cases of the action/reaction or a sense of justice.

To go with your final example, "Your reaction was nonsensical, and completely disproportionate."


That’s called overreacting, as defined by Lexico:

respond more emotionally or forcibly than is justified.

You can also use the corresponding noun, overreaction.

Your suggested sentence is ungrammatical and difficult to understand. My suggestion for what A should say angrily:

Breaking my car was a complete overreaction to me stealing!

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