These are images from Onizuka manga. I don't know what is the difference between "going to be" and "going to become". I would appreciate it someone can tell me which one is the right phrasing and why. Hoping to get an answer, Thanks in advance.

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Both BE and BECOME are used as main verbs. BE can sometimes work like BECOME as in your example.

Henceforth I want to be a good student.

Henceforth I want to become a good student.

She will be a mother soon.

She will become a mother soon.

At the same time, we cannot use these two always interchangeably. Let's see the examples:

I will be a teacher.

(It can have a meaning "I will become...", with a slightly altered meaning), but I am a teacher doesn't mean I become a teacher. Similarly, I was a teacher doesn't mean I became a teacher.

I am a student. # I become a student.

I was a student. # I became a student.


I will be a student = / # I will become a student.

BE refers to "remain in a future situation."

They will be happy.

They will become happy - has a different meaning.

Used as auxiliary verbs (BE = is/am/are/was/were)

He will be sleeping; don't disturb.

The doctor should be coming any time; please wait.

Here, these are helping verbs, which cannot be the same as BECOME.


"I will be a great teacher" is describing a future state. "I will become a great teacher" is describing a change to that state. In practice, for this example, there is no difference in meaning.

However, "I will be a great teacher at this school" says I will do a great job teaching there and "I will become a great teacher at this school" says that by the time I leave I will be doing a great job teaching, even if I won't be so great when I start. For this similar pair of sentences there is a clear difference in meaning.

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