At the restaurant I had X and Y. They were out of this world!

At the restaurant I had X and Y. It was out of this world!

X and Y are two separate dishes. Now in the first sentence, the usage of they seems fine and correct. But in the second one, the usage of it to describe two different dishes does not. But, if it, instead of meaning, two dishes, meant the whole eating experience, then that makes the sentence grammatically correct in regard to the previous statement again, right?

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    Yes - you can use whichever you want, depending on whether you mean 'those dishes' or 'the whole experience'. Aug 4, 2020 at 16:09

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Both are valid but have slightly different meanings.

“They” means you had two experiences, one of X and one of Y, and each was “out of this world”.

“It” means a single experience of X and Y together, which might not be “out of this world” if experienced separately.

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