Could you tell me if it is correct and natural to the verb "reinforce" in the sense of improving a skill or the knowledge of something? For example:

You might want to go back over the words again to reinforce the knowledge of them.

You pronunciation is good, but to reinforce it, say that again.

If it sounds off, could you tell what you would say?

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It is perfectly correct and natural to use Reinforce in this way.

That use of reinforce would be very commonly heard in a learning environment (in a classroom or with a teacher, for example).

Small unrelated correction, though: The article the should instead be a possessive pronoun since you're talking about a specific person's knowledge, not an abstract general knowledge of the words:

You might want to go back over the words again to reinforce your knowledge of them.


Oh absolutely. In particular, it has the sense of doing something repeatedly in order to improve knowledge. Using flash cards, for example. You use flash cards to strengthen (i.e., to reinforce) knowledge that you've already learned.

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