If I have a shipment with X products, which is one the correct usage:

  • At the first shipment we got X products
  • On the first shipment we got X products
  • In the first shipment we got X products or is there something better?
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    A shipment is a consignment of goods transported together, so I would use in. X product was a part of that shipment. Commented Aug 8, 2020 at 8:21

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A “shipment” is a collection of things transported together, and you refer to the members as being “in” that collection.

We treat collections as if they are containers, regardless of whether a physical container exists.


You got (received) X products from / in the first shipment.

Relevant NGram:

enter image description here

Although it may look like from is by far the best choice, we have to take into account the usages of each word. One normally receives from an entity or a quantity, while one normally receives in an event or a time period. The arrival of a shipment is an event and a shipment is a quantity of items.

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