In the following contexts, and regarding the words (forbid/forbidden) I get confused alot.Actually I looked the words up in the dictionary and I couldn't find any thing about using these words with the preposition "on". So are the the following sentences applicable using "on" or should I stick with "for".

1- I forbid smoking on/for you.

2- Smoking is forbidden on/for me.

3- It is forbidden on/for you to smoke here.

Note : I know there are different forms to make sentences using these words, but I'm just interested in the mentioned context above.

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The first two uses of on are grammatical, but very strange. They also don't mean what you think they mean:

  1. I forbid smoking on you.
    → I forbid anybody from smoking on top of you.
  2. Smoking is forbidden on you.
    → Nobody is allowed to smoke on top of you.

The third sentence is simply ungrammatical when used with on.

More natural phrasing for each of the sentences is as follows:

  1. I forbid you to smoke.
  2. I am forbidden to smoke.
  3. You are forbidden to smoke here.

Note the change in construction and the use of the single preposition to.

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