In season 6 of friends TV series, episode 2, in 4:03 Chandler says: "I'm gonna be moving out." My question is, what's the difference between that sentence and the "I'm going to move out." Is there any difference between them?

  • No, there is not, but there is a difference between AE and BE, like there is a difference sometimes between how young people and older people use language.
    – anouk
    Commented Aug 8, 2020 at 20:16

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The use of "gonna" is informal speech meaning "going to", so that makes no difference to the meaning.

"I'm going to move out" is a simple declaration of intention. It could be followed by a time qualifier: "tomorrow".

"I'm going to be moving out." is a little vaguer, and speaks of a process rather than an event, so it might take a little while to do it: "over the next week".

In practice, the meanings may be the same, depending on how they are qualified and the intention of the speaker.

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