I have doubt in using the "on which" phrase. Is the sentence below correct, as I have to write this sentence as part of research interest in my academic resume?

I’ve developed interests in the device development and characterizations, on which I have done my master research project.

  • It could be 'on which' or even 'in which'. Why do you think it could be wrong? – Ram Pillai Aug 9 at 9:31

Your sentence gives rise to a couple of questions.

It refers to in the device development. This only makes sense if you have already referred to the device concerned as it implies a specific device.

If you are talking about devices in general, you would need to say in device development, without the.

If by master research project you mean a research project for a master's degree, you need to change it to my master's (degree) research project.

So, you probably mean one of the two following statements:

I have developed interests in (the) device development and characterisations, on which I have done my master's research project.

This means that your interests are in the development and characterisations, either of the device concerned - or devices in general (if you omit the)

I have developed interests in the development and characterisations of the device on which I have done my master's research project.

This means that you are interested in the properties of the device concerned - which you need to have specified.

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  • I need to write this sentence in research interest section of my cv as I am applying for PhD positions. – Rishab Kumar Singh Aug 9 at 13:46
  • Exactly what was your master's research project? It sounds a bit strange to say that you developed interests in aspects of your master's research project. Surely you had those interests before you did your master's degree. – Ronald Sole Aug 9 at 14:16
  • I developed a capacitor device in my master's research project. I also did some characterizations (microscopy, spectroscopy), as part of the device development, in my project. The PhD position says I need to have some experience in device development and characterizations. – Rishab Kumar Singh Aug 9 at 14:39
  • I suggest: In my master's research project, I developed a capacitor device, a project that required microscopy and spectroscopy characterisations among others. That sums it up. You could add that the device or accompanying research has proved valuable in some respect - if this is the case. Be as specific as possible. – Ronald Sole Aug 9 at 15:00
  • Hi Ronald. Thanks for helping me. I generally write 3 sentences in the research section (on top of the CV). " (1) I have spent five years of study in the field of Materials Science following my research interests. (2) I’ve developed interests in device development and characterizations on which I have done my master’s research project. (3) I would love to advance my understanding of the period further, through PhD study with an expert at a remarkable institution." I have doubt in the 2nd sentence, whether it is correct grammatically. – Rishab Kumar Singh Aug 9 at 15:06

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