I know literal meaning of 'go home'. In the following talk it's vague to me.

“Let me guarantee you this, based on everything that I know and understand, and the help that [Biden] has already gotten from the Black community ... he can’t go home without a Black woman being VP,” Waters said. “We’re going to have a Black woman VP.”

Waters insisted that Biden needed a black woman vice president. If so, does 'go home' mean 'go to White House' and not his own real home? I can't find that the phrase means 'succeed' in any dictionary.

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    It could just be 'go ahead, go on, move ahead' etc. Is this usage similar to 'back home' which has a not so close meaning...? – Ram Pillai Aug 9 '20 at 9:29
  • It could mean home in the sense of the objective, or winning position, in a game. – Kate Bunting Aug 9 '20 at 9:45
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    It might mean literally going home such as we go home to take rest after hard work of day time. So if Biden doesn't take a black woman as running mate, he cannot go home to take rest and he has to keep worrying. – hbadger19042 Aug 9 '20 at 12:47
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    It's possible that it's a baseball metaphor - a player doesn't score a point unless he makes it to home (meaning home plate). – Canadian Yankee Aug 10 '20 at 15:50

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