everyone Please, help me understan something I can't find anywhere. Is the sentence below acceptable. If yes, why does it sound so weird. If not, why, and what's the correct version. If there is a correct version whis is not this, it can't express exactly this. What to do?) Here it goes: When I used to go to the river, I used to swim

  • This can be written in better ways, like "When(ever) I went to the river, I used to swim." It is a matter of style. In terms of grammar, it could be acceptable, but that doesn't mean that one can make a sentence like, "When I used to go to the river, and when others used to watch me, I used to swim, and thus used to skip their eyes." Won't it be funny? – Ram Pillai Aug 11 '20 at 16:48
  • You're right, it is funny. But 'when I went' means that I am talking about one single time when I went, no? – user98919 Aug 11 '20 at 16:58
  • Thought Co.'s examples include this, "I practiced every day, and if I couldn't find a buddy to play with I'd throw the ball against the barn wall and catch it." (Devon Mihesuah, The Lightning Shrikes. Lyons Press, 2004). Hope it clarifies. – Ram Pillai Aug 12 '20 at 1:58

It may get repetitive to say "used to" many times. That isn't necessarily incorrect, but it sounds awkward. Here are some alternatives:

I used to go to the river and swim.

I used to go to the river, and would swim a lot.

When I used to go to the river, I would swim and play for hours.

When I used to go to the river, I would swim, and run, and have a picnic.


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