I'm doing an English assignment and came across the part where I want to tell the time I had an accident on the swing, but can't get my head to think of the correct word to describe the action of playing on the swing,

I've heard of:

  • Swinging on a swing
  • Swung on a swing
  • etc

but they all sound wrong to me.

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    It's already in the question title: you had an accident while playing on a swing. – Weather Vane Aug 20 at 12:59
  • Really? Silly me, thanks for the answer! – Ran'sCoffeeSession Aug 20 at 13:08

You can use "playing on a swing" or "swinging on a swing". "Swung" makes it sound like one person caused the swing to swing, either carrying a second person or not: "George swung me around on a swing." That construction would be correct, in that case.

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