What does the verb phrase make of it what you will mean? I know what make of something and what you will mean. I have difficulty understanding their combination.


I have asked what the next possible opportunities are for scholarship applications. They say it will not be before middle of next year or if the student is in the country .... make of it what you will. Hard times remain.

‘The beauty of it is that you can make of it what you will.’

‘I have no wish to weary you with the case I have made in the past, but make of this what you will.’

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The expression means that you can interpret something in any way you choose. It's an expression used when a situation arises that cannot be easily explained. It may be ambiguous; it may be surprising. It is open to interpretation.

The missing key was back on the table with no indication of how it got there. Make of it what you will.

Out of the blue he has agreed to stop smoking and return to the gym. Make of it what you will.


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