I know the difference between "that" and "this" that "this" is used to point to something near you, while "that" is used to refer to something far from you, but in my sentences if I am not pointing to anything near or far from me if I am in my country speaking about a place which is far away from me which one should I use?

If I use "it", would there be any difference between "it" and "this/that"?

  • That/this/it is my dream to visit France.

  • That/this/it is a place I want to visit.


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The pronoun it is for a general statement.

  1. It is my dream to visit France.

  2. You and I are talking about France, and you then say: That's my dream, to visit France. That = what is being discussed or said by you to me.

  3. This dream you have, to visit France, not that other one to visit Australia. Will it come true, do you think?

This and that can refer to something said, some experienced or some situation. that is either something previously discussed or something further away in time. this is something more present, as in 3) above. It is in contrast to some unnamed "that" that may not even be mentioned.

Is this clear to you now? :)

BUT: It's my goal to move abroad.

This or that is something I have wanted to do for a long time....:).

this = this idea.

That=would refer to the entire thing, that thing I just said.

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