Well...after an African American person was shot to death by police in Louisiana, another chaos succeeding the George Floyd's death is seemingly about to occur.

My question is, I understand the situation, as in the title?

What is the difference between Mayor and Mayor President?

This is the first time I heard the name of the title Mayor President.

Is there any difference of the role from the Mayor?

Thank you for enlightening me in advance.


The City of Lafayette, which had a Mayor, and the Parish of Lafayette, which had a Council President, merged in 1992. It appears that their combined chief executive is called the Mayor-President to reflect that he, in effect, holds both positions.

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    Assuming StephenS is right (and it sounds like he is), it's important to remember that this is a local term, not a normal English term. Most Americans wouldn't know it. – codi6 Aug 25 at 3:08
  • @codi6 Indeed, I didn’t know it until I checked Wikipedia for details on the city’s politics. – StephenS Aug 25 at 21:49

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