This question is based on https://www.learncbse.in/ncert-solutions-for-class-2-english-chapter-2. To summarize, Haldi is a girl who got lift from Smiley (a giraffe) to her school. Now, is the sentence "Haldi rode Smiley to school" correct?

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    To get a lift is to get a ride (as in In a vehicle) The driver gives you a lift. If I heard that Smiley gave Haldi a lift to school, I’d picture Smiley driving a car. When I learn that Smiley is a giraffe, I’d picture a children’s book and a sunroof. Having said that, Haldi rode Smiley to school is perfectly fine if Haldi climbed on Smiley’s back and rode him like a horse. – Jim Aug 29 '20 at 9:12
  • agreed, my wording in the question is ambiguous - shouldnt have used the word "lift". – pinaki Aug 31 '20 at 10:43

The manner in which Haldi was given the lift (an assisted journey) by Smiley was that Haldi rode Smiley. Constructs such as "He rides a horse" or "she rode a bicycle" are in common usage and this example with a giraffe is no different. It is clear, unambiguous and correct.

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