Consider this sentence:

Before they begin the project, the study must be done of its feasibility.

Which, in my book, might be used for two different occasions either suggestion or regular routine. For more clarity:

Suggestion - Suppose a situation in which the project has been concluded with an unsatisfactory result and an expert utters, as a useful consideration: "Before ... feasibility"

Regular Routine - Now suppose during a process of a project, an engineer tells another about the criteria that the whole group is adhered to, and he states: "Before ... feasibility"

Are these both interpretations are correct about this sentence or I have not noticed something? And if so, what are the correct possible sentences for two instances mentioned above?

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There is only one interpretation of the statement.

A study of the project's feasibility must be done before the project commences. (..before they begin it).

The project clearly hasn't yet started or been concluded. Otherwise, the statement would have to read: Before they began the project, a study should have been done of its feasibility.


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