Maersk has been a proponent of migrating traditional ocean freight processes to its digital channel over the past year, a drive accelerated in June 2019 by the introduction of “Maersk Spot”, a digital product that penalizes shippers for container no-shows and Maersk if it rolls cargo booked online via the Spot channel.

Source: https://www.joc.com/maritime-news/container-lines/maersk-line/maersk-levy-manual-change-fees-september_20200722.html

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"Roll" as used here is a shipping industry term. The Maersk Spot system penalizes the customer if they book space on a ship but do not bring the cargo container or containers in time or at all. The system also penalizes Maersk (the shipping company) if it fails to load a container that does arrive, because the ship is full.

What is rolled cargo?

Rolled cargo is cargo that could not be loaded onto the vessel it was scheduled to sail on, because that vessel ran out of capacity. Vessels run out of capacity because carriers overbook spots on vessels, similar to how passenger airlines overbook seats.

What is rolled cargo?

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    Note that this is not a use of the word “roll” that a fluent native English speaker would be likely to know. It’s shipping industry-specific jargon.
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