I have encountered a phrase "think sth well" and I cannot seem to find any sources explaining the meaning:

The demon thought it well to conceal his consternation.

Does it mean to "think sth through"?

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The sentence means

The demon thought that it would be well if he concealed his consternation.

The resemblance to "well thought out" is a coincidence. One can "think [something] well" on the spur of a moment when the briefest reflection would reveal that it would be much worse than other actions.


One of the definitions of well as an adjective is, "advisable, desirable." That is the sense it is being used here, so "to think something well" means that you believe that thing is a good idea.

Personally, I find this usage to be a bit dated and uncommon in modern American English. Google Ngram finds that the usage of the phrase "think it well" peaked around 1880.

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