1. You are done.
  2. You look done.

Are these two sentences grammatically correct and make any sense? If two are correct, what are the difference between them?

*** I have learnt about "Predicate Adjectives" recently and it is found that we can use predicate adjective after linking verb. So does sentence 2 make any sense?

  • Looks like the dictionary has a relevant entry: look verb (SEEM) (Cambridge Dictionary). Could you edit your post to explain whether or not that's helpful? Do you understand the usage of "are", or "done"?
    – Em.
    Sep 10, 2020 at 5:51

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The 2 sentences are right. You decide wich to use regarding what you want to say.

  1. You are done: it means that by the time you speak, "you" have finished performing an action or we also use this sentence to say that you won't be able to finish a certain thing (ex. "Stop running man, you are done!").

  2. You look done: it means that it seems that you have done something (ex. Have you finished dressing? You look done!)

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